Student Network Chemnitz (CSN)


The Student Network CSN is one of the greatest things at the University of Chemnitz.
Bringing the Internet to your dormitory room for a price that all students can afford. Access to the campus network and the internet is provided by the university's computing center and the student services department.

A group of students have dedicated there free time to keep things running. They do everything from first level support and programming to adminstration of server and network equipment.

I have done honorary work for the CSN since early 2000 until I left the university in 2007. Among the things I have done and/or was responsible for were:
  • First Level Support since early 2000
  • static/non-scripted content of the webpages since Spring 2000
  • FTP archive since Fall 2000
  • Member of the supervisory board of the CSN since late fall 2000
  • Second Level Support since fall 2000
  • Head of Network Operations since late Spring 2003
  • Head of the Administration Staff since late Spring 2003