I have been using various distributions since I came in contact with Linux in 1999 when I started studying computer science at the University of Technology Chemnitz. For the most time I have been using Debian in one way or another and tried to give back by doing some packaging work. Although I never found the time to jump through all the hoops and red tape to become a Debian maintainer.

Fedora, and by that CentOS as well, became the choice for the desktop and correspondingly for servers when I started my first job after university at Raritan.

Arch is something different. I haven't used it on my desktop or a production system. But it allows me to take a look at a something else beside deb and rpm based systems and it is nice if you want to play with bleeding edge stuff.

Linux Days Chemnitz

Since 2001 I am a regular supporter of the annual Linux Days Chemnitz. My work for this event includes lectures, workshops and live presentations.

Chemnitzer Linux-Tage Logo

Chemnitzer StudentenNetz (2000 - 2007)

Honorary work for the Student Network Chemnitz occupied (too) much of my free time when I was still at the university. As member of the supervisory board I dealt with almost every aspect of managing a network. Everything from switch and router management, writing perl scripts for the web based management suite, database maintenance to first level support.