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Using Case-based Reasoning to Control Traffic Consumption
ISBN-13: 978-3836449571
Quality of Service (QoS) is commonly used to shape network traffic to meet specified criteria. The various scenarios include limiting and reserving bandwidth for a particular application, host or user, prioritizing latency sensitive traffic or equal distribution of unreserved bandwidth. There are, however, other applications, such as distributing and controlling a traffic quota. These are very common in shared networks, where QoS provides more sophisticated means than fixed per user limits and simple disconnection after the user reaches the limit. The simplest approach to restrict the bandwidth to a fixed rate is a rather awkward albeit effective solution. The DynShaper software takes a more sophisticated approach to this problem. This book covers the algorithms used by the DynShaper software to create a fair and efficient distribution of a traffic quota in shared networks.

Dynamic Bandwith Management at Student Network Chemnitz (CSN) (German) - seminar paper describing the inner workings of the shaping solution used by CSN. The described mechanisms evolved from the diploma thesis of Jan Horbach and led to a more efficient model. (Download Dynshaper software)